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SEO URL Tips for Controllers and Actions

Controllers and Actions should begin with a letter, followed optional by other letters, numbers and dashes. Suppose you need an URL like /products-available/shoes-for-kids.html This will point to the controller "ProductsAvailable", action "shoesForKids()".

Another example: Suppose you have an action for product page, name(). You need a slug for product name, and an unique id, which commonly is the primary key of the "products" table. Create an action (a method in the controller) like this:

// Don't suffix class with "Controller", e.g. ProductController!
// Instead, use suffix for models, e.g. ProductModel", in the /workpsce/site/models/ directory.
class Product extends Controller {
// The URL will be /product/name/124/laptop-foo-with-128gb-of-ram.html
    // This is OK because that product name "laptop-foo-with-128gb-of-ram" is in the folder "124".
public function name($id$slug '') {
// The URL will be /product/name/laptop-foo-with-128gb-of-ram/124.html
    // This is NOT OK because that product name is "124" and it is in the folder "laptop-foo-with-128gb-of-ram".
public function name($slug$id) {